How many watches can one person wear?

Forget “eyeballs”. With so many eager Pebble clones on the horizon, could wrist real-estate bottleneck the Internet of Things?

Synchronize Swatches

At 35 years old, I just barely sneak in at the tail end of Generation X — and most of my friends that are similar in age don’t wear watches.

“Kids” younger than me? They really don’t wear watches. Like… at all.

I didn’t wear a watch for many years, but I grew to really love the design aesthetics of the Nixon Rotolog:

Nixon Rotolog

Later, I fell hard for the LIP Diode:

LIP Diode

Both of these beautiful watches now collect dust because I’m completely dependent upon my Pebble. It’s dorky looking, but it has dramatically improved the quality of my life in a very simple way: my phone no longer rings or vibrates, ever.

There are...

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