If you want to get everything done, leave an introvert alone.

I find it increasingly tiresome to apologize for my need to be alone to recharge, for reasons that echo why many women are tired of educating men about equality.

Henry Rollins

Still, there has been progress and I feel hope every time the world seems closer to understanding what introversion is and is not.

The major milestones in my mind were Jonathan Rauch’s 2003 piece in the Atlantic Monthly, “Caring for your introvert” and more recently Susan Cain’s book “Quiet” and TED talk.

Just in the past few days there have been really enjoyable blog posts by Chris Coyier and D. Keith Robinson which all reflect a common set of realizations:

We introverts represent a massive segment of the population, yet we have no interest in having meetings to celebrate this fact.

However, if they keep treating us like the Other we might just hire some extroverts to lobby on our behalf while we put on headphones and get shit done.


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